SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA is known throughout the world for as vocalist for Cradle Of Filth, and - more recently – her own band, Angtoria.  Now, however, she has completed her solo album…

“The album has no set genre,” she explains.  “It’s rock in places, but elsewhere it’s epic, like a film score. The album has something for everyone…though it’s NOT for the narrow-minded!  It’s just music, nothing more, and nothing less…just myself and some amazing musicians creating what makes us happy.”

Sarah started puttng out feelers for a co-writer last year, and made contact with Ken Newman in Ohio. She then went to Australia for six months for preliminary recording, before returning to the UK to finish the album.

“I enlisted two of my best friends, Dave Pybus and Martin Powell, as we work so well together, but the icing on the cake for me was getting Max Blumos (ex-Trigger the Bloodshed), as he is SUCH an amazing drummer.

“Although it is my ‘solo album’, I really only deserve a small percent of the credit…”

The album, A Sign Of Sublime, is released in February 2010.


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