“Feed To Feed”
Superball Music / SPV

Release dates:
GAS: August 28th, 2009 / EUROPE: August 31st, 2009

Oceansize are set to release a limited edition DVD/CD boxset in August 2009 through Superball Music.

The strictly limited 3 DVD, 4 CD box set is taken from a series of three gigs the band played at Manchester’s Roadhouse in October 2008 to celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band. Each gig was dedicated to a single Oceansize album - “Effloresce”, “Everyone into Position” and 2007’s hugely acclaimed “Frames”. As well as nine hours of visual footage the box set also contains 3 audio cd’s and a 4th bonus audio disc (with encores). The band have compiled the ultimate Oceansize DVD and CD package.

“Here is a record of 3 shows Oceansize played last year to celebrate our tenth anniversary of existence in this star spangled business.

In the illustrious surroundings of Manchester's pokey but precious Roadhouse (where we
rocked the foundations many years before our mild and sluggish ascent into not-even-D-list infamy), we performed our three albums live, not to mention a bunch of b-sides and the quite-fucking-long-in-itself-actually 'Music For Nurses' EP. We played virtually every song we've ever written. So that kind of makes it nearly four albums worth, really.

The Roadhouse gigs were the best in our history ('IMHO' as they say on the internet). Sure we've played to much bigger audiences, of literally TENS more, but the Roadhouse, for those nights, was ram-jammed full of rabid, enthused, passionate and downright bespectacled Oceansize fans from all over the world. One chap even chose to piss himself rather than walk 10 paces to the toilet and lose his place at the front of the crowd. That's the level of dedication we inspire.

And so here it is. The inevitable DVD/CD boxset. Clocking in at about 9 hours (!), the whole spine-tingling, throat shredding, bowel loosing thrill of it all is captured here forever. Every bum note. Every forgotten lyric. That bit where i missed a cue cos i forgot where my fucking volume control was. That massive bead of sweat that lingers on the end of Steve's nose for minutes on end. The unflattering camera angles (all 5 of them). Every fucking Oceansize album to date performed LIVE. In your home.

Next, i plan to remove all the mirrors from my house. On completion of this epic project i never ever wish to see my own face again. Enjoy it, for fucks sake.”- Mike Vennart

One of the UK’s true innovators, Oceansize have carved a unique place for themselves in the music scene. Previous albums “Effloresce, “Everyone Into Position” and “Frames” have been hugely critically acclaimed. This acclaim, in part recognition that Oceansize look to do things differently to the mainstream. The sound is progressive but never forgets the importance of good songs. Oceansize are a hugely accomplished live act – supporting acts as diverse as Porcupine Tree, Coheed & Cambria, Fightstar and Biffy Clyro in addition to sold out headline shows.


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