Forged in the creative crucible of 1968's 'Summer of Love', Comus took a darker path than flower-draggled hippiedom, with a prophetic counter-culture vision of ferocious, glowering firepower.

Their seminal album 'First Utterance' has continued to mesmerise and subvert since its release in 1971, despite the band violently imploding only two years later. It has influenced a generation of musicians, and was even midwife to the birth of black metal.

In recent years the group's fanatical fan-base has spawned exponentially across the web, and in 2008 Comus devotee, Michael Akerfeld from Opeth, persuaded them - against all the odds - to reform for what turned out to be an electrifying, tumultuously received appearance at the Melloboat Festival in Sweden.

No way content to simply feed off old material, Comus, since Melloboat, have once again lanced deep into their collective psyche and disgorged a tranche of new material. Comus' current live set seamlessly interleaves the new songs and the old into a coruscating soundtrack for the new darkening age.

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